• Bankruptcy During Your Golden Years

    It might be somewhat ironic that advances in medical science have contributed to living longer but have caused higher medical costs while doing so. Medical bills are but one issue senior citizens face as they move away from their income-earning years and into retirement. The cost of housing, groceries, and utilities also continue to rise and affect those that have insufficient means of adjusting their earnings. If you are on a fixed income and financial problems are afflicting you, you might have considered taking the step of declaring bankruptcy. [Read More]

  • Understanding How The BAPCPA Affects Your Bankruptcy

    For those who've filed bankruptcies in the past, the rules have changed. The Bankruptcy Abuse Protection and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) marks the first major update to the federal bankruptcy code in many years. These code changes affect several large areas of requirements for filing, so read on to find out how the BAPCPA might influence your bankruptcy. Protection for Creditors and Consumers As you might have guessed from the title of the act, the code changes are meant to serve both consumers and those who the consumers owe money to. [Read More]